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I'm cycling through data in a foreach loop. On each loop a container class contains the following:

foreach($resultarray AS $value){
        $filename = substr($value['img_file_name'],9);
        $cat_id = $value['cat_id'];
        echo '<article class="post">';
        echo '<div class="post_title">' . $value['post_title'] . '</div>';
        echo '<div class="post_info">' . 
        'Category: ' . $cat_name = get_cat_name($cat_id) .'<br />'. 
        'Year: ' . $value['post_year'] .'<br />'. 
        $value['post_desc'] .'<br />'. 
        echo '<div class="link-to-post"><a href="#">Click to view</a></div>';
        echo '<a href="#" class="linktopost"><img class="post-thumb" src="img/thumb_/'.$filename.'" alt="MJbox Michael Jackson memorabilia thumbnail" /></a>';
        echo '<a href="#" class="linktopost"><img class="cover-img" src="img/post-bg-1.png" alt="test" /></a>';
        echo '<form name="form"><input type="text" class="postid" value="'.$value['post_id'].'" /></form>';
        echo '</article>';


I have the following div made visible with Jquery when the "lintopost" link/image is clicked.

<div id="main-post">
        <div id="gotpostid">some text</div>

Currently I am using the collowing Jquery to handle when the #main-post div appears and when to get the data for that post to put inside the div.

        $.post("inc/fullpost.php", {postid: $('.postid').val()},
                $("#gotpostid").html(x + "<br />" + y + "<br />" + z)


The problem I'm having at the moment is that the value of the input "postid" is not being selected properly. How can I select it so that it gets the value form this input field and not just from the first .postid it comes across which makes the id the same for every iteration.

I hope I explained myself well enough.

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1) I suggest you to use .on('click', function() {when you're going to add new elements on markup.

2) After clicking on image use .find() and .parent() to get exactly the input.

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Hi, I tried {postid: $(this).parent().find('input[class="postid"]').val()}. Which seem right using parent to step back in the structure once to find an input with that name, but it doesn't seem to work? –  crm Jun 10 '12 at 13:35
try input.postid, not [class="postid"], so: .find('input.postid').val() –  Andrea Turri Jun 10 '12 at 14:23

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