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Just going through a tutorial, and thought somewhere I saw


And another place


Is this right? What is the difference?

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The hash syntax changed in Ruby 1.9.2 to get closer to json.


{ :foo => "bar" }

Is the same as:

{ foo: "bar" }

In all other cases, the colon must come first.

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:first_name is a symbol, while first_name: is a Hash key in the new Ruby 1.9.2 syntax.

Hash keys are then converted to symbols:

>> a = { foo: 10 , bar: 20 }
=> {:foo=>10, :bar=>20}

It is the same as writing:

>> a = { :foo => 10, :bar => 20 }
=> {:foo=>10, :bar=>20}
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Thank you wish I could accept both answers – Brettski Jun 10 '12 at 13:23

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