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my action.class.php

 if ($this->getRequest()->getMethod() == sfRequest::GET) {
                 $this->formShoppingList = new ShoppingListForm(array(
                        'shoppinglist' => $items,
                            ), array('shoppinglist_id' => $list_id));

    if ($request->isMethod('post')) {

My lib/ShoppingListForm.php:


class ShoppingListForm extends BaseForm {

public function configure() {
    $shoppinglist_id = $this->getOption('shoppinglist_id');

        'shoppinglist' => new sfWidgetFormTextarea(array(), array('rows' => '10', 'cols' => '35')),
        'action_id' => new sfWidgetFormInputHidden(array()),
        'list_id' => new sfWidgetFormInputHidden(array(),array('value' => $shoppinglist_id)),

        'shoppinglist' => '',

        'shoppinglist' => new sfValidatorString(array('max_length' => 5000), array(
            'required' => 'ShoppingList is empty.'


        'action_id' => new sfValidatorString(array('required' => false)),
        'list_id' => new sfValidatorString(array('required' => false))






When I submit the form, the error is coming up:

Fatal error: Call to a member function bind() on a non-object in....

Tampa-Data: shoppinglist%5Bshoppinglist%5D=liste+15%0D%0A shoppinglist%5Baction_id%5D=1 shoppinglist%5Blist_id%5D=15

Why? Solution?

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You need to create a instance of the ShoppingListForm before you bind it :

if ($request->isMethod('post'))
   // Create instance of ShoppingListForm here
    $this->formShoppingList = new ShoppingListForm();
    if ($this->formShoppingList->isValid())
    // do something with the submitted data
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You only create the form if the request is GET, and only bind it if the request is POST. There's your problem: if it's a post, the form hasn't been instantiated, therefore $this->formShoppingList is null.

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