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In our rails 3.1.4 app, the excessive number of entries in system log will be deleted with a method in sys_log model:

  def self.trim_log(num_entry)
    if SysLog.count > num_entry      
      SysLog.where("log_date < #{SysLog.all[num_entry -1].log_date}").delete_all

Here the num_entry is the log entry we want to keep. Any entry before that entry will be deleted. However the delete_all causes following error in rspec:

 ←[31mFailure/Error:←[0m ←[31mSysLog.trim_log(1)←[0m
   ←[31mSQLite3::SQLException: near "03": syntax error: DELETE FROM "sys_logs" WHERE (log_date < 2012-06-10 03:43:21 UTC)←[0m

The error is the same in rails console. The database is sqlite3 in our development. log_date is a datetime. What's wrong with our code? Thanks so much.

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SysLog.where("log_date < ?", SysLog.all[num_entry -1].log_date).delete_all

to properly quote your date.

But consider revision. I guess you can fetch your num_entry-1'th element this way:


which is MUCH MORE efficient then fetching all of them.

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works great. Thank you. – user938363 Jun 10 '12 at 17:07

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