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Given a basic Blueprints-compatible OrientGraph with Index 'name' (unique or notunique), any suggestions for how the following could be improved, if needs be?

Note: I can't find a definitive guide to load a [blueprints] vertex using index. I have a large graph and using has('name','bob') (in console) takes 2 minutes! On the other hand, an index-based search returns in milliseconds.

The best I've come up with so far:

OrientGraph graph = new OrientGraph("local:/graph1/databases/test", "admin", "admin");
List<ODocument> resultlist = graph.getRawGraph().query(new OSQLSynchQuery<ODocument>("SELECT FROM INDEX:name WHERE KEY = 'bob'"));
ODocument resultodoc = resultlist.get(0).field("rid");
String rid = resultodoc.getIdentity().toString();  // would return something like #6:1500000
Vertex v1 = graph.getVertex(rid);
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OrientDB supports the IndexableGraph interface. To use it take a look at:


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Thanks again Lvca. It worked: Index<Vertex> index = graph.getIndex("name", Vertex.class); Iterable<Vertex> results = index.get("name","bob"); Vertex v1 = results.iterator().next(); ... I needed to create the index using Tinkerpop API (as opposed to executing SQL directly): Index<Vertex> index = graph.createIndex("account_id", Vertex.class); –  Rob Jun 11 '12 at 11:46

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