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I'm trying to design a windows form application. By default, .NET had put Tahome 8,25 on toolbar and Microsoft SansSerif 8,25 on everything else. To improve general look and feel of the forms I'd like to change them.

Which font family should I use as a default? And what size should they be? For:

  • Classic data input form (label + textbox, label + combobox...)
  • Data grid

Is there any recommended way?

Application is a classic business app, you can think of it as an accounting type.

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I like this comment from Microsoft on font selection: Again, design consistency is important in choosing fonts. In most cases, you shouldn't use more than two fonts at two or three different point sizes in a single application. Too many fonts can leave your application looking like a ransom note. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa733613(VS.60).aspx –  John M Jun 28 '10 at 15:50

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I would stick with the SystemFonts as that way the app stays consistent with their main UI. Same for colours, always tray and use SystemColor.

However if for some reason I can pick a font, before I had heard of Segoe UI, I used Verdana.

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Segoe UI - is a good all rounder. Introducted in Vista it is used as the standard UI font. Works well in small sizes.

alt text

Source: http://neosmart.net/gallery/v/apps/fonts/Segoe+UI.png.html

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