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WOW... Using MySQL, is there a way to replace the third "-" from the left in the following timestamp:


You'd think after an hour of searching I would have found something..

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The literal replace operation that you describe is probably beyond the abilities of pure mySQL - it has regex capabilities, but only for matching.

However, one workaround comes to mind:

that said, storing the date as a native DATETIME field in the first place would be a good idea anyway.

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It was actually much easier. I changed the structure of my 'date' column to TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (based on your suggestion) and the third dash was removed automatically from all rows. – gatzkerob Jun 10 '12 at 18:33

For this, it makes more sense for the data to be saved using the standard but given back as the way your application would use it. This post explains what you are looking for.

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MySQL is a relational database management system; it's not for manipulating data.

Instead you would use a programing or scripting language like php to query the database, pull the data into a string, change it, and update the databse. Edit: I'm told that this is possible, but as another user stated there's no direct solution in pure MySQL.

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It's easily done natively in MySQL on query output – Michael Berkowski Jun 10 '12 at 18:08

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