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Hi Guys hope someone can help me before i pull all my hair out!!

In VB (Visual Studio 2010) i have written a simple coin flip routine and use the code below to display the image of the coin based on a random number 0 or 1

coin = Rnd(1) 'random head or tail head=1 tail = 0 'display relevant image of coin If coin = 0 Then ImageCoin.Image = My.Resources.tail Else ImageCoin.Image = My.Resources.head End If

Now i'm trying to replicate the same functionality with the windows mobile SDK but don't seem to be able to access My.Resources. I do have two resources in the resources folder in the project head.jpg and tail.png I've generated a random number using

coin = rnd.Next(0, 2)

but can't seem to find a way to display the appropriate image. Is My.Resources not available in the Windows Mobile SDK or is there a different method.

Any help really appreciated Thanks Damian

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This is for C#:

Image heads = Namespace.Properties.Resources.head;
Image tails = Namespace.Properties.Resources.tail;

Namespace, of course, is replaced with the namespace of your project.

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