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I've been trying for hours to make fancybox to load a php file, with no success...

Here's the details:

You can visit the website having the problem here. Fancybox request is called when you click either "Παλαιά Δημοτικά Λουτρά" or "Αρχαίο Ωδείο", next to each image.

First, page's content is loaded through an ajax request. This page contains the link:

<a class="area_fancybox" href="http://www.mysite/fancy_areas.php?areasName=' . $the_area . '">' . $the_area . '</a>

Where $the_area variable is the parameter I want to pass to the php file that fancybox will load. Now when page's content has loaded, I add the fancybox code, like this.

jQuery('#diethnes_festival_2012').load('../../../diethnes_festival_2012.php', function() {

When you click "area_fancybox" link, fancybox starts loading, but nothing happens...

Any help will be very appreciated.

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Fancybox ajax call requests from url starting with www while your link doesn't have this part. If you load your page with www. at the begining then the call works. This is due to the allow-control-access-policy of the browsers. Always use firebug or chrome developer tools to look for errors in console.

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Thank you very much Wojtek. You were really quick and helpful! Instead of hardcoding the domain, I added $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], so it will work both with "www" and without. –  m.spyratos Jun 10 '12 at 19:44

It's a cross-domain issue (you're not allowed to load content from www.mysite from the domain mysite. You'll notice that if you visit the site with www in the URL, then it works as-is: http://www.mysite/events-pc/pc-festival/1610-diethnes-festival-patras-2012.html

I recommend using a relative path in the href, which should make your code work for both cases:

<a class="area_fancybox" href="/fancy_areas.php?areasName=Παλαιά Δημοτικά Λουτρά">Παλαιά Δημοτικά Λουτρά</a>

Btw, I recommend checking out Firebug if you haven't already-- it's really helpful for debugging this kind of thing. If you're using Chrome, just hit ctrl-shift-J.

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Thank you dbaseman! I upvoted your correct answer. –  m.spyratos Jun 10 '12 at 19:45
Relative path won't work though... Cause it will search for: mysite/events-pc/pc-festival/1610-diethnes-festival-patras-2012.html/fancy_areas‌​.php?areasName=Παλαιά Δημοτικά Λουτρά –  m.spyratos Jun 10 '12 at 19:47

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