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aim: to grab the characters using ocr [tesseract for android] from UK numberplates

Currently, I have managed to finally get tesseract for android to work, however the matched string is someway off annoyingly. What image processing should be done to try and aid in getting a better result?

KInd regards

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What have you tried already? Is there any pattern to what's not working? Can you show example images which demonstrate what might be giving the poor result (poor resolution, high noise, motion blur etc)? – Chris Jun 11 '12 at 11:39

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The informative and well-written thesis gives many answers to the pattern-recognition problem of recognizing number plates:

This group also has a website with free-ware, where you can upload your own algorithms.

What a nice idea for an App!

Best regards,


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Depending on what your bad result is, you may be able to fix it by using a whitelist, which would limit your accepted characters. Tesseract will still recognize other characters that are not in your whitelist, but it will force them to be recognized as one of your accepted characters (For example, If your text to be recognized is B3157, and your whitelist is for digits only, it will likely output 83157 instead of ignoring the B).

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