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I just upgraded to the RC of webApi and found that a whole lot of things are no longer as they were.

We were using the ILogger ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.http.common.ilogger(v=vs.108).aspx) interface to log events/exceptions from inside our API. However after upgrading this no longer seems to exist. Does anyone know where this has gone/what this has turned into?

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With new WebAPI the ILogger interface has been removed and now you should be using ITraceWriter instead as described below:

Monitoring and diagnostics: You can enable tracing by providing an ITraceWriter implementation and configuring it as a service using the dependency resolver. The ILogger interface has been removed.

Here is the official documentation and here is an example to start with ITraceWriter

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The ILogger interface was replaced with a more general mechanism for tracing. You can see the details on the new tracing here.

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You can also checkout my nlog webapi trace writer. It only works with post RC bits, but it is a straightforward change to get it working against the RC drop.

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