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I have this regex:


Now, this should either match this text:

<li><i><a href="hello.htm">Hi there</a></i></li>

or without the <a> tag, like so:

<li><i>42nd Street</i></li>

Without the <a> tag, the regex works just fine, problem is, with the first example, I get this match:

Hi there</a>

I've read about ignoring grouping with (?:regex) but I do not know why it insists on including the closing </a> tag What regex would ignore the closing </a> tag so I would only get Hi there?

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Thank you, fixed. –  vanneto Jun 10 '12 at 22:04

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The (.*) that you are capturing is greedy, and (?:<.*?>)? after it is optional, so the (.*) will always include the </a>. To fix this, change the .* to .*? so it is lazy (match as few characters as possible:


But don't parse HTML with regex.

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Thank you. I'm just parsing some very specific HTML that I know wont change. –  vanneto Jun 10 '12 at 22:06

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