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In the Book for symfony2 on pages 156-157 There is a nice tutorial for how to make your own login system using forms.

When I follow these steps, I am faced with a "No route found for "POST /login_check"" error message.


    pattern:    ^/secured/
        login_path: /login
        check_path: /secured/login_check
        path:   /secured/logout
        target: /login


    pattern: /login
    defaults: { _controller: MySecurityBundle:Security:login }
    pattern: /secured/login_check

Can anyonw tell me why mine doesn't work and sensioLabs apparently does?

The only difference I can see is that I wiped out the Acme bundle and created a fresh bundle with security, copy-pasting all files as per tutorial (I thought ACME was a demo bundle and not necessary for functions such as security?).

I have no default route set for the login_check route, since tutorial says on page 156 "You will not need to implement a controller for the /login_check URL as the firewall will automatically catch and process any form submitted to this URL."

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You don't need to specify controller but you have to specify routing path, in your case it is

pattern: /secured/login_check

but you are submitting form to /login_check, edit either yor form action to include /secure or remove it from routing.yml

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thanks, I was probably too tired coding it last night =) – Matt Welander Jun 11 '12 at 4:19

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