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I am a newbie to iPhone app development. I want to make a simple app using view-based template which will have a main menu (home screen) linking to different modules of the app. Modules will themselves be made up of either UINavigationController or UITabController.

First I just wanted to create and bug a module, so I took a NavigationController in MainWndows.xib(appDelegate) and stacked(linked) many ViewControllers to it.

Now I need to have main menu at start of app, where I have placed NavigationController. I am now confused what to do? I have got solution in my mind that place this NavigationController in new xib file and a mainMenuViewController in MainWindow.xib file and access navigation module as a modal. So my Question is that if my approach is right? How will I access this modal controller to push viewcontrollers onto it? Or is there other alternate for what I want..?

I hope my Question is clear... Any suggestion or link is appreciable.

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better design it using a storyboard when you deal with multiple view controllers – phix23 Jun 11 '12 at 13:12
Could you please post your AppDelegate code? – Raspu Jun 11 '12 at 16:42
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I have got a better idea in my mind. I am going to stick with NavigationController in MainWindows.xib. I will push Main Menu as Root view Controller with both its navigation bar and toolbar hidden. Depending upon the button tapped, I will further push appropriate View Controllers on NavigationController.

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