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Using PyGtk's IconView, I can set the icons to be reorderable by calling gtk.IconView.set_reorderable(True). My question is what is the best way to retrieve the new order? That is, how should I access a property of each of the elements in the new order? An iterator of sorts?

I am using gtk.ListStore to store the data.

I know this might sound trivial but I have virtually no experience in Python or PyGtk (or GTK in general) so I'd like to know the right way! Thanks!

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So, I understand now: it turns out that when items are reordered in IconView, gtk.ListStore.reorder or something similar is called. What that means is that all I needed to do was to use gtk.ListStore.get_iter() or gtk.ListStore.get_iter_first() and all the problems are solved.

How trivial! All I needed to do was eat over it it seems.

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