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I have an android app using fragments and a content provider to access my local sqlite database. The Listviews often depend on several database queries such that their display is based on the query results. Assuming I have three cursorloaders, how do I ensure loader 1 and 2 have both completed before running loader 3?

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Give the Loaders unique ids (1, 2 and 3) and check the id of the Loader passed in to onLoadFinished(...). Maintain global booleans, e.g., boolean loader1Complete = false and set them to true when in that method when they've completed. Then check to see if both booleans are true and start Loader number 3 if they are. – Squonk Jun 10 '12 at 23:26

Keep track of every loader that is started in a counter (protected int loadersToRun,loadersCompleted=0;) and have each of their onLoadFinished functions call

public void checkLoadersFinished(){
        //Start loader 3

If you need to make things work dynamically it can be accomplished by using a default case for a set of loader IDs in the onLoadFinished and have that run checkLoadersFinished. We generate a unique ID for each loader using a Treeset to keep track of them and remove them on completion.

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