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i'm using sqlitejdbc libraries to create a db using java. Now i need to generate eer model from existing sqlite db stored in a file. In past i used MySqlWorkbench to generate eer from a mysql db, but i don't know how to do that on sqlite db.. can someone help me? thanks!!

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  1. Open SQLite file using SQLite Database Browser
  2. Export to SQL
  3. Import (using plugin) into Workbench


If you have the sqlite file available, open it using the free SQLite Database Browser. This gives you a few ways in which to inspect the database:

  • view table structure
  • view table content
  • issue queries against content
  • and more...

Beyond this, you can opt for the SQL file export. Go to "File > Export > Database to SQL file" option inside the SQLite Database Browser.

Once you create the SQL output file, use the SQLite export plugin for MySQL Workbench - especially if you're already familiar with MySQL's Workbench tool.

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