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I have a model that has 3 BooleanFields, and I want to use a checkbox form to query the database. The output should be all the entries of the table that has as 1 at least one of the fields that where checked. Right now I ahve something like this:


But this clearly doesn't work, as it always returns all the table. Basically I want to get all Course records where any of these fields are True. Any ideas?

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These single letter variables and names are hard to read. Are you trying to say in english "All Course records where any of these fields are True"? –  jdi Jun 10 '12 at 23:01
Yes, sorry for the ambiguous code –  leonsas Jun 10 '12 at 23:02

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Query: "select all Course records where (F is True OR H is True OR S is True)"

q_filter = Q()

if mform.cleaned_data['F']:
    q_filter |= Q(F=True)
if mform.cleaned_data['H']:
    q_filter |= Q(H=True)
if mform.cleaned_data['S']:
    q_filter |= Q(S=True)

if q_filter:
    course_list = Course.objects.filter(q_filter)
    course_list = Course.objects.none()

This is a pretty basic approach. It could be done in a fancier one line loop but I wanted to go for clarity here. You build up a Q object over time. In your example you are filtering for values that could be True or False, whereas you said what you wanted is to only filter records that have a given field with a True value.

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