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It took me whole weekend to realize, when one document processing thread completes, WebBrowser.Document object is broken and unusable.

Code like:

if (Browser.Document == null) ...

raises an exception.

I have some event based scripts which load document into WebBrowser and perform actions on it. An event is raised when all scripts completed.

Then, depending on my document state - i would run other scripts. But THERE IS NO DOCUMENT! Why? What happens with it? Is it destroyed, disposed, overwritten by random data?

There is no code between last event .Invoke and testing the document. One line earlier I have document, and the next line it's gone! What happens?!

System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId returns other values for those 2 lines. Is there a workaround for this killer? I found only one way to handle it for now - I can reload document with:

Browser.Url = Browser.Url. But this is stupid and redundant.

The whole point was to get the document to be able to perform more operations on it with the WebBrowser.

One more thing - the thread which fires my first action chain is executed as a new task. It runs in a different thread than the rest of the code operating on document. I know it's wrong, but the very first time I did it right. Instead of starting new task I used BeginInvoke to run my scripts asynchronously. But this one hangs the whole app on first other invoke in the code. I'm stuck here. If I call browser code in a wrong way - all multithreaded application works, but I loose my document somewhere. If I call it the proper, thread-safe way - the app just hangs and I can't even debug it. Code dies on invoke which never calls the method it should call. Of course silently.

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It's hard to say much without seeing some of the relevant code. My guess is you are trying to reference the object on a thread other than the one it is created on. My suggestion based on an issue I just had to deal with would be to create a static reference to the browser or document object.

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First - Document is read only - even if I would be able to store it somewhere else, I couldn't assign it back to the browser. Copying the browser object before returning from thread and restoring it afterwards does nothing too - restored object works, but document is broken as it was before. –  Harry Jun 11 '12 at 2:11

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