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I am trying to create a set using MDX that contains a CASE statement. I am recieving an error i cannot seem to get around. The error is: The function expects a tuple set expression for the argument. A string or numeric expression was used. There are only two members that could be returned, and they are 'Daily' and 'MonthEnd'. I appreciate any help you can provide. At first i thought the error meant i needed to use the {} to create a set, but that is not making since to me, and i do not know where they would need to be added.

    CREATE SET [BDW Report Prototype].[MyDimension] AS 
    CASE [Grain].[Grain Dim ID]
     WHEN [Grain].[Grain Dim ID].&[1] THEN '1'
     WHEN [Grain].[Grain Dim ID].&[2] THEN '2'
    ELSE '3'
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It means the set you're creating must a valid set (that is an ordered list of tuples) MDX expression. But you're assigning to this set a string. You're basically writing:

CREATE SET [BDW Report Prototype].[MyDimension] AS '1'

Obviously your [MyDimension] set is not a set but a string.

What do you want to create?

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That makes since. Although i am new to this so i here goes. I am trying to create a set, but perhaps that is not what i need. I want to create 'something' that will filter the dimension data based on a set of statements. The above example was just a segment of it, i was starting with. I would like to be able to pull over an item that can be added like a where clause, that filters the data that is shown. –  John Jun 11 '12 at 0:21
Understood. I guess it is worth a separate question (do not forget to accept this response ;-)) where you explain what you'd like to do in MDX to avoid confusion and to keep this question about the error message meaning. –  Marc Polizzi Jun 11 '12 at 7:37

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