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I have this in my controller:

def frontpage
  @sections = Section.all

In production environment, the query seems to be cached between requests. Until I restart an app, @sections is always the same. Why and how do I fix this? I should also mention, I use Postgres in production, could it be the reason?

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How are you determining that the query is cached? –  Jesse Wolgamott Jun 11 '12 at 3:40

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Have a look at this answer from a related question. If your configuration is set up to cache, then you should switch that off (in development at least.) Otherwise, if you want to invalidate the cache of a specific page, you can look into defining a method to do so in your controller:

def invalidate_cache

You would need to specify when that is called, but it would do the trick.

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Queries are not cached between requests, but actions could be. Do you have cache_action or other caching mechanism defined in your controller?

EDIT: to figure out if it's your action that's being cached, put this in your action:

def frontpage
  return render :text => Time.now.to_s

And see it it changes.

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I believe that in your production environment, you have enabled caching somewhere. While I'm not able to tell you why and where, I can give you a solution:

def frontpage
    uncached do
        @sections = find(:all)

At least it should do the trick

e: The benefit of this, is that it only affects the code inside the block. Everything else should still get cached.

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That will not work if the action itself is cached. –  Oscar Del Ben Jun 11 '12 at 2:23

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