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I tried to install 'Anything' JQuery Content SLider in my Blogger after having followed each step carefully, I find that its just displaying a 700px (width) and 10px (height) rectangle and nothing else. Changing the dimensions of the box in the code doesn't have any effect. What should I do about it now?

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It's very difficult to suggest without a link or the implemented code, but at a guess, you should check to see if the path to the images is correct. It may be you haven't set the file path parameter correctly.

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ok,and I have been following this tutorial- (spiceupyourblog.com/2011/05/…) but as I have images in the blog posts, how can I obtain the links to those images although I know how to do it but maybe I do it the wrong way. –  Payo Jun 9 '12 at 9:57

Try setting width and height for your images. I have tried this content slider myself and the images do not show if those attributes are not set.

About obtaining links to your images.

What I do is create a post that always stays as a Draft and I upload images there and when they are needed I simply go to HTML view and copy links to the images.

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