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I have been trying to set up Eclipse and the Arduino libraries. I have followed the instructions located at this URL.

The issue I am having is that my project can not resolve Serial. Anyone have an idea of why this might be? I am using Arduino 1.0 and the instruction were written for a pre 1.0 version.

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Setting the preference windows->preferences->C/C++->indexer->index unused headers.

Setting the preference windows->preferences->C/C++->indexer->index source and header files opened in the editor.

Setting the preference windows->preferences->C/C++->indexer->Files to index upfront . Add arduino.h and or WProgram.h.

Do next four in this sequence
 Right click the project->index->Search for unresolved includes.
Right click the project->index->Freshen all Files.
Right click the project->index->Update with modified files.
Right click the project->index->Rebuild.
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"Files to index upfront" not available, and not needed anymore for recent versions of Eclipse – lode Oct 29 '14 at 23:51

Doing what the Plugin FAQ here says is correct, but not sufficient, at least not if you work in Windows.

You will need to add a path to Project->Properties->C/C++ General->Path and symbols

  • Under the tab "includes" click on add
  • Select the flag "add to all configurations"
  • Type this path: path to Arduino IDE installation directory\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include

In my case the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include

After this eclipse will ask you if you want to rebuild the index and then all standard symbols will be correctly resolved

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do "Arduino Eclipse Extensions" upgrade in Help->Check for updates

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