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For a certain scenario, we grep a binary file for a certain manufacturer string in Ruby. I would like to create the associated Mock object in Rspec. I tried the following but that did not help:


What am i missing here?

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Firstly, remove the ! from #stub, it is not used in newer versions of RSpec. Secondly, stub(:read?) should be stub(:read), since it is not a predicate method.

Without seeing the implementation code, those changes should put you in the right direction.

That said, where it is avoidable, I tend to disagree with stubbing class methods like this, since there is a pretty big risk of state leakage through tests. I would instead design the component that does the searching in the file to accept an instance of IO, then it becomes much easier to pass in a mock object that is entirely disposable.

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I fixed the code as : File.stub(:exist?).with('/sys/firmware/dmi/entries/1-0/raw').and_return(true) File.stub(:read).with('/sys/firmware/dmi/entries/1-0/raw').and_return('xyz') Although it still does not work for me. I also try to sudo before this. –  Cheezo Jun 12 '12 at 18:39

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