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I use AndroidAnnotations, and since a couple of days, Eclipse sometimes (not always) fails to compile code that uses classes generated by AndroidAnnotations (pre-compile generated code):

My example is:

My project has MainActivity, AndroidAnnotations creates an extended class MainActivity_ under .apt_generated.

Elsewhere in the DetailActivity, my code has a reference to MainActivity_:

enter image description here

My solution so far was to remove the code, compile, then add the code back. However, this is far from elegant. It also is quite annoying and time-consuming.

Am I missing some setting?

Does the order in the "Order and Export" page have any influence? I've tried to move the .apt_generated directory up and down, with no positive effect.

I was thinking that this is the same concept used by Android's resource class R. I never had any issues with code that use resources failing to compile.

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When does that happen?

  • When you open Eclipse?
  • When you open a project previously closed?
  • When you do a project > clean?

This problem looks like a bug in Eclipse. It looks like sometimes it compiles a class, then run the annotation processor, then doesn't update / recompile the classes that had missing symbols.

A simple tricks that seems to do the job: go to the properties of the project, change the name of the annotation processing folder from .apt_generated to something else (and then back to .apt_generated), and accept the rebuild. This seems to trigger a build in the right order, and reset everything right.

Note that AndroidAnnotations uses annotation processing, which is a standard java 6 concept. It's different from the Android R class, which isn't linked to any java standard.

Does that help?

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It happens when I start Eclipse (I think it happened during a session as well, but not 100% sure). After I do the trick I described, it goes away. Unfortunately, changing the name of annotation processing folder did not help. Any other idea's to try? I run eclipse 3.7.2. –  taoufik Jun 13 '12 at 0:37
Damn. It should. As I'm always switching branches in Git, I usually do something like "refresh > clean" and then change folder name if needed. Maybe you could also try to disable annotation processing, do a clean, then reenable it ? Let's try to find the right sequence. This really is an Eclipse bug, should happen on other annotation processors... –  Piwaï Jun 13 '12 at 7:36
Look at this comment: stackoverflow.com/a/7689369/703646 => Could you try to use the fully qualified name of MyActivity_ in your class (com.company.MyActivity_) and see if it still happens? –  Piwaï Jun 13 '12 at 7:38
I also realized we were handling rounds in a bad way, see here. Does the latest 2.6-SNAPSHOT still have the problem ? –  Piwaï Jun 13 '12 at 8:02
FQN solved the problem. I restarted Eclipse a couple of times, and the symptom is not there. I will the snapshot (without FQN, i.e. import) tomorrow, and report back. This solved a big annoyance. –  taoufik Jun 13 '12 at 19:56
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As per comments above from piwai the anwser is:

Eclipse 3.5+ - Annotation processor: Generated classes cannot be imported

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