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I want to move files from Project B to Project A.

There are answers on stackoverflow about Modules, but that also looks like a lot of work to refactor the Project B as a module.

Another way is the manually move the files from Project B to Project A, but there would be sync issues when the files from Project B are updated. Is there an easier solution?

The reason I am doing this is Project B is a checkout system that can be used for various projects.

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You have to address the sharing of Rails code in four pieces: Sharing of model definitions Sharing of views Sharing of controller code Sharing of modules Each has a different approach. You need to describe what you want to share in more detail. –  RadBrad Jun 11 '12 at 3:23
I wish to share controller and models. But right now, it seems that I will have to gemify it. –  rickypai Jun 11 '12 at 3:37

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It sounds like project B really needs to be gemified into a rails engine.

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When you say files do you just mean code?

You can create a gem from Project B (and treat it as an external service, if it is set up to act as such), or you actually mount Project B onto Project A. There is a RailsCast on Mountable Engines, or you can check out the official documentation on Engines.

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