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Suppose, we have a User ; one user can have multiple Childs.

Now, when I am inserting a child; I call user.addChild() so that user object sitting in JVM is updated .. though actually nothing changes on database record of User as it is OneToMany.

When I am checking SQL; along with insert into child; an additional query is getting fired :

update User set version=? where id=? and version=?

Any ideas why ? and how to fix this

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which version of Hibernate you are using? I remembered I have seen such behavior before, and it is fixed in a later version. –  Adrian Shum Jun 11 '12 at 6:15

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It behaves as specified, if this is owning side of bidirectional relationship. By default unidirectional one-to-many uses join-table, and also then version should be updated. In specification this is told with following words:

All non-relationship fields and properties and all relationships
owned by the entity are included in version checks.
This includes owned relationships maintained in join tables.

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