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in a relation X with only 1 row

X.B= "blahblah"

now I want to do:

Y = FILTER X BY A != B ;

I intended to say that since A is null and B is not, the condition should be true. but the actual result is that Y is empty, and the condition evaluates to false.

this is the same as SQL, where any condition involving null is false. while SQL can translate null with the NVL() function , PIG does not seem to have that , is there a clean way to do the above comparison?

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It's a bit of a hack, but you can do a comparison and store the result in your relation, then filter using the result and your original comparison.

Y = foreach X generate *,
        (((A is null and B is not null) or (A is not null and B is null) ? 'y' : 'n') as oneNull;
Y = filter Y by (oneNull == 'y' or A != B);
Y = foreach Y generate A, B;

Using this, if X is:


Then Y will be:

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