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I want to generate WebDAV traffic (to reproduce a bug in an open source server).

I know WebDAV is a layer over HTTP so I could generate such traffic by reading the protocol specification and sending tens of hand-crafted HTTP requests, but I don't want to re-invent the wheel, I guess someone has already written such a tool?

Ideally the tool would:

  • Log in at a URL
  • Randomly navigate directories
  • Download/upload files from time to time.

Bonus if it is free/open source.

This discussion suggests JMeter does not have this feature.

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I found a tool called "Prestan" on Sourceforge. It's based on this paper by Teng Xu

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+1 Looks great! –  Nicolas Raoul Jan 25 '13 at 4:32

There was no such tool, so I wrote one.

Mecadaver logs in at a WebDAV URL, and starts navigating directories at random, sometimes downloading documents, sometimes going back to the root.

  • Runs as as many users as you want (you provide a list of usernames/passwords in a CSV file)
  • Various parameters to make the load more intensive or less intensive.
  • Open source

Note: Silk Performer can do WebDAV test loads as well, but it is very expensive.

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