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I have developed an online leave management system in PHP, MySQL, which is working fine, I have only one issue, we have to upload a csv file of daily captured data. I want to do it automatically.

We have a Star Link Attendance machine (http://www.starlinkindia.com/OurProducts/ClassicModel.aspx).

Star Link software dose not provide any custom report format.

I want to develop an application module which can fetch data from this machine? Is it possible? and in which language we can do it (PHP, C#, Java) ?

Any resource link will be very helpful.

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I have solved this problem.

All data fetched by machine are stored in mssql database, I simply developed a programme in C# .Net which takes the data from mssql and export it in CSV file.

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I like Java, but every language is okay, if it has lib- to parse CSV file. you may using FTP,HTTP to get that file.

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I need to know how to get data out of machine. some code would be very beneficial –  Saqueib Jun 11 '12 at 8:59
Is there any driver to read/comunicate with that machine? It must have a line to connect to your pc/server to read the data. make a call to StarLink –  meadlai Aug 15 '12 at 6:41

Try this It uses the UDP protocol to communicate to the Attendance Machine. And this for Python

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