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I get an error for the line number 6. I try to print a global variable which the ruby interpreter doesn't recognize. why is that ? How can i modify this ?

localVar = "Local Variable"
$globalVar = "Global Variable"
def func
puts("From the function func")
puts(globalVar) #line 6

def changer
globalVar = "New Global Var"
puts("New Global Var : #{globalVar}")
func #Call the function func
changer #Call the function changer

Output :

Local Variable
From the function func
global.rb:6:in `func': undefined local variable or method `globalVar' for main:Object (NameError)
    from global.rb:13:in `<main>'
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You need to put the $ every time in front of the variable name.

puts($globalVar) #line 6
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You always need to use the $ prefix for global variables in Ruby, when you define or use them.

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This shall do the trick for you. $ is part of the variable name.

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