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My intension is to achieve the pagination from javascript functions, so for example i am taking the url as, from this url as you can see the pagination at the end of the page, so if u observe html of that they are written through javascript functions which has href tags as # , i am just trying to collect that href tags even though they are #. The following is my code

class justdialdotcomSpider(BaseSpider):
   name = "justdialdotcom"
   allowed_domains = [""]
   start_urls = [""]

   def parse(self, response):
       hxs = HtmlXPathSelector(response)
       pagination ='//div[@id="main"]/div[@id="content"]/div[@id="pagination"]/a').extract()
       print pagination,">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>."

When i run the above code i am getting the result as [], i mean none,can anyone tell me how to achieve the pagination through that javascript onclick functions and why the result is empty.And i am observing some kind of wierd in html that for example one of the page in pagination has anchor tag as <a onclick="jdevents.setPageNo(2)" href="#">2</a> but when i tried to view this by clicking view page sourcethrough browser i cant see any function as jdevents.setPageNo(2), (i expect if we can see what he is doing in html we can post that through formdata as request) i am really confused and unable to go through this.

Thanks in advance

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If you tracked the requests, you'll find post requests to the following URL :

Post Data :


and the response is in JSON format.

So, your code should be the following

import re
import json

class justdialdotcomSpider(BaseSpider):
    name = "justdialdotcom"
    domain_name = ""
    start_urls = [""]

    # Initial request
    def parse(self, response):
        return [FormRequest(url="",
                                        formdata={'fetch': 'area',
                                                  'pageNo': '1',
                                                  'city' : 'Hyderabad',
                                                  'cat' : '0',
                                                  'area' : '0',
                                                  'fromDate': '',
                                                  'toDate' : '',
                                                  'subCat' : '0'

# Get total count and paginate through events
    def area_count(self, response):
        total_count = 0
        for area in  json.loads(response.body):
            total_count += int(area["count"])

        pages_count = (total_count / 10) + 1

        page = 1
        while (page <= pages_count):
            yield FormRequest(url="",
                                        formdata={'fetch': 'events',
                                                  'pageNo': str(page),
                                                  'city' : 'Hyderabad',
                                                  'cat' : '0',
                                                  'area' : '0',
                                                  'fromDate': '',
                                                  'toDate' : '',
                                                  'subCat' : '0'
            page += 1

# parse events 
    def parse_events(self, response):
        events = json.loads(response.body)

        for event_details in events:
            yield FormRequest(url="",
                                        formdata={'fetch': 'event',
                                                  'eventId': str(event_details["id"]),

    def parse_event(self, response):
        event_details = json.loads(response.body)
        items = []
        #item = Product()

        return items
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After executing the parse method, it should send a response to area_count by calling it, but here parse is not sending any response to area_count,i got this when i printed the response in area_count nothing happening... –  shiva krishna Jun 12 '12 at 5:53
Actually spider is working fine until parse method but not entering in to area_count method, if we write wrong code in area_count method, its not displaying an error –  shiva krishna Jun 12 '12 at 7:04

Try using twill.This is a python package and you can trigger form submit/link clicks easily.

But why are you crawling JustDial's pages? Whats your intention?

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:As i stated above i had taken that as an example because i had exact same problem facing all through javascript onclick buttons and unable to see the posted form in html, actually executing the javascript functions and getting the urls from the is the main problem i am facing in scrapy –  shiva krishna Jun 11 '12 at 6:50
As u can see above when i had written xpath to anchor tags i am getting the list as empty i don't know y, and cau u provide an example on how to use twill in scrapy –  shiva krishna Jun 11 '12 at 6:52

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