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My computer configurations are

  • MySQL-mysql-5.0.96
  • SQL Anywhere-11
  • win XP 32 bit

I am trying to connect mysql with sql anywhere for mobilink syncronization but getting error while following the tutorial given at this site: at step Starting the MobiLink Synchronization Server

start "" "%SQLANY11%\bin32\mlsrv11" -v+ -o mlsrv.out -zs ml_mysql -c "DSN=sa11_ML" -dl -zu+ -x tcpip{port=2439}

error which I'm getting:

[-10002]Consolidated database server or ODBC error: ODBC:[MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysql-5.0.24a-community-nt]Incorrect datetime value:'2134-09-08 07:06:05.100000000' for column 'last_modified' at row 1 (ODBC State = HY000, Native error code = 1292)

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I find out the solution for the above asked question by me.

Use the following versions

MySQL - 5.5 MySQL ODBC - 5.1 instead of above given.

and try to use the steps by executing bat file provided.

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