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I store uploaded files in the web directory:

 * @ORM\Column(type="string", length=255, nullable=true)
public $path;

protected function getUploadRootDir()
    return __DIR__.'/../../../../web/'.$this->getUploadDir();

protected function getUploadDir()

    return 'uploads/documents';

Is this a good practice? Wouldn't it be better to keep uploaded files outside the web directory so that they cannot be directly accessed by the users?

Am I right to think that the best way would be to store uploaded files outside of the web root? Where would it be the best then? Or how could I configure the web server to deny access to the uploads directory?

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It's preferred to keep uploaded files outside of the web directory and use X-SendFile to serve those files after you established the access permissions using PHP.

I've outlined something similar here: How to securely store files on a server

And here: Caching HTTP responses when they are dynamically created by PHP

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