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In my JSF project I am using Menu component of PrimeFaces to update the center component (center part of the UI page) of my UI page by the ajax call.

<p:submenu label="Actions">
    <p:submenu label="Create Privilege">
        <p:menuitem value="Create Administrative Privilege" actionListener="#{leftNavigationBean.selectCenterComponent}" update=":centerPanel">
            <f:attribute name="centerComponentName" value="/CreateAdminPrivilege.xhtml" />
        <p:menuitem value="Create Access Privilege" actionListener="#{leftNavigationBean.selectCenterComponent}" update=":centerPanel">
            <f:attribute name="centerComponentName" value="/CreateAccessPrivilege.xhtml" />

Now after the component get updated by the AJAX call, immediately after that I want to call the JavaScript function to do some operation for my on the updated component.

I have tried calling JavaScript function on the body OnLoad() of the page which is getting update e.g. In Action Menu Action -> Create Privilege -> when CreateAdminPrivilege.xhtml comes in view, on this page body OnLoad() I tried calling JavaScript method but it is not getting called because of the ajax call to this page I guess.

So I need to figure out the way to call JavaScript method of this AJAX call update. Help me out with this...

Thanks in advance.

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You can use p:menuItem's oncomplete attribute for this:

<p:menuitem ... oncomplete="doSomething()">

If you want to further distinguish between success and error of the ajax call, use onsuccess or onerror attributes:

<p:menuitem ... onsuccess="doSomething()" onerror="doSomethingElse()">
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See the jsf js api

For example:

    if (data.status== 'success') {
        // do stuff
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