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I am trying to return a value back to my view, though not having much success


undefined local variable or method `schedule' for #


    def win_lose_tie
    if schedule.for.to_i == schedule.against.to_i then
    elsif schedule.for.to_i > schedule.against.to_i ? :win : :lose


    def win_lose_tie_display(value)
    case value
      when :win
      when :lose
      when :tie
        "unknown win/lose/tie value"


<%= win_lose_tie_display(schedule.win_lose_tie) %>

all of which returns the following error

NameError in Schedules#index

Showing /Users/**/Sites/rails_projects/**/app/views/schedules/index.html.erb where line #46 raised:

43:           <% @schedules.each do |schedule| %>
44:               <tr>
45:                 <td><%= schedule.event %></td>
46:                 <td><strong><%= win_lose_tie_display(schedule.win_lose_tie) %></strong> <%=  schedule.for %> &mdash; <%= schedule.against %></td>
47:                 <td><%= schedule.opponent %></td>
48:                 <td><%= %>
49:                 </td>

any help of this would be great

thanks in advance

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You need to provide more information about the error. Click on Application Trace or Full Trace, the first few lines should provide the necessary information. Your win_lose_tie looks very awkward. Try to refactor it to have more lines or at least more braces. – Christoph Petschnig Jun 11 '12 at 7:56
application trace returns the following app/models/schedule.rb:12:in win_lose_tie' app/views/schedules/index.html.erb:46:in _app_views_schedules_index_html_erb___1705540283_2185334800' app/views/schedules/index.html.erb:43:in each' app/views/schedules/index.html.erb:43:in _app_views_schedules_index_html_erb___1705540283_2185334800' app/controllers/schedules_controller.rb:7:in index' – Paul 'Whippet' McGuane Jun 11 '12 at 8:24
@ChristophPetschnig I have refactored the code, and included some more information – Paul 'Whippet' McGuane Jun 11 '12 at 8:49
Is this your Schedule model up there? In this case, in your win_lose_tie method, exchange schedule with self. I'll post this as the answer if it solves your issue. – emrass Jun 11 '12 at 9:03
@blackbird07 that worked, after redoing the if..else statement, ive updated the code above – Paul 'Whippet' McGuane Jun 11 '12 at 9:14
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In your win_lose_tie method, exchange schedule with self.

This is because win_lose_tie is an instance method of a schedule object. You are already in the context of the schedule object, so there is no need to write schedule.. In fact, that would reference *your_schedule_object*.schedule, which does not exist.

As a site note: Since you only read values, you can even completely omit the self. However, if you assign values, the self is required.

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