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I keep getting the 'Object Expected' error within my page script when I click the button. I've debugged using fire-bug and the id passed to the JavaScript method is the correct id and document.getElementById(a) finds the button. The error keeps occurring in the _doPostBack. Can this be caused because the button is inside a modal popup in a gridview cell, and the gridview is inside a update panel.

For complete code please see this previous question event not firing I posted and resolved.

The reason I'm still using the JavaScript is the Post-Back event in the GridView.RowCommand did not occur without this.

Is there an alternative to this?

The code:

function addAcc(a) {
        var btn = document.getElementById(a); //get the button, not necessary but safer
        alert(a); //To see the button id
        _doPostBack(btn.id, ''); //do the postback so RowCommand Fires in code behind

<asp:Button ID="btnAddAcc" runat="server" Text="Add Account" OnClientClick="javascript:addAcc(this.id)" />

Thank you for any solutions and ideas. Regards

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the dopostback method is with two underscores not one, like


so your call is like:

__doPostBack(btn.id, '');

instead of

_doPostBack(btn.id, '');
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Thanks.. I Feel like a newb now... Enjoy the day! Cheers –  Mr.GT Jun 11 '12 at 8:04
:) I was hoping that you haven't gone for some alternative solution as it was only a minor mistake. Cheers and have a good day –  Imran Balouch Jun 11 '12 at 8:05

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