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I'm trying to use OpenStack but I'm very confused.

I want to use SWIFT (OpenStack Storage Infrastructure) to storage data. But I don't know how to install it. I was trying to follow this tutorial but it installs ALL SERVICES on a server (Server1)... I only need SWIFT.

Do I have to install Nova to get Swift?

Because in this tutorial, on Server1, at the hierarchical scheme, Swift belongs to Nova... But I thought it was apart. If anyone know it and more, if anyone know a tutorial to install SWIFT on Ubuntu, please tell me. I was trying to install this component in my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop, but with all these doubts, I can't go ahead. Thanks a lot.

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You can perfectly install just a swift installation on one machine, independent of nova, glance or keystone (or any other openstack component). There is a tutorial on the openstack pages.

However, the tutorial is for older versions of Ubuntu: On Ubuntu 12.04 swift and it's dependencies (like the rest of openstack) are in the default repositories. So no need to use git or the ppa, just use apt-get or aptitude to get the software:

sudo apt-get install swift swauth swift-account swift-container swift-object swift-proxy

This should get you started, modify configuration files as told in the tutorial.

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The OpenStack Object Storage Administration Manual describes how to install Swift on its own. See also the Swift deployment guide.

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