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I would like to know of the possible ways to block disposable email addresses from registering in my website.

For simplicity, let's take the example where the registration form of the website is done with HTML and PHP.

Any ideas, solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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How do you define "disposable email addresses"? –  Aleks G Jun 11 '12 at 8:36
What do U mean by disposable email address? And what have U tried? –  shadyyx Jun 11 '12 at 8:36
For those who are asking about DEA. Disposable email addressing (DEA) refers to an alternative way of sharing and managing email addressing. DEA aims to set up a new, unique email address for every contact or entity, making a point-to-point connection between the sender and the recipient. Subsequently, if anyone compromises the address or utilises it in connection with any email abuse, the address-owner can easily cancel (or "dispose" of) it without affecting any other contact. Example would be: Mailinator.com –  CompilingCyborg Jun 11 '12 at 8:39
Usually, I have answers like, just don't do it. But in this case, that's the correct answer. There is no reason for wanting to prevent this. It's just impossible because it's impossible to really know if and address is disposable or not. You are just trying to solve the wrong problem here. BTW, DEA do have very real-life usages, like filtering the messages based on the origin. –  sorin Apr 11 '14 at 14:50

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This is tough, because neither whitelisting nor blacklisting are an option.

By whitelisting certain domains, you disallow people with email domains that are unknown to you (but might be perfectly valid), while by blacklisting you have to update the list of blacklisted domains on a daily basis, since new "10 minute email" domains emerge every day.

Please note that temporary email addresses are invented for a way of saying: "Hey, I don't trust this website with my own email adrress", so you're most probably not going to trick users that are willing to hide their real address since they've got a valid reason to do so.

Can't you adopt and implement something like OpenID?

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You made a great point up there. Thanks a lot (+1) –  CompilingCyborg Jun 11 '12 at 8:37
I found one free API called DeaFilter: deafilter.com that's does block some famous disposable emails. I think either using OpenID or blacklisting are the only two options available in this case. –  CompilingCyborg Jun 11 '12 at 8:47
From my perspective, I'm not trying to 'trick' users: it's actually a security risk using these services at all, and it may not just be a signup, but a person changing an email address to DEA, which could then be a possible attack vector via a password reset, which could allow access to other data. –  Matthew Schinckel Jan 22 '14 at 1:06
I think you are wrong when you say than an user create a temporary email because:"Hey, I don't trust this website with my own email adrress". Actually creating an account on most email servers will take from 5-to even 10m (ex libero.it) while with temporary emails you only have to click on "generate email". This way spammers and fake users have a really easy time infesting your website. Sure, blocking temporary mails isn't "THE" way to block spammers but surely helps. –  Giacomo Tecya Pigani Mar 12 '14 at 17:08
@Giacomo the reason spammers use disposable email services don't contradict the reasons valid users have to use one. –  CodeCaster Mar 12 '14 at 17:10

here is a list I made, with the function to use it

function is_temp_mail($mail) {
    $mail_domains_ko = array('0815.ru0clickemail.com', '0wnd.net', '0wnd.org', '10minutemail.com', '20minutemail.com', '2prong.com', '3d-painting.com', '4warding.com', '4warding.net', '4warding.org', '9ox.net', 'a-bc.net', 'amilegit.com', 'anonbox.net', 'anonymbox.com', 'antichef.com', 'antichef.net', 'antispam.de', 'baxomale.ht.cx', 'beefmilk.com', 'binkmail.com', 'bio-muesli.net', 'bobmail.info', 'bodhi.lawlita.com', 'bofthew.com', 'brefmail.com', 'bsnow.net', 'bugmenot.com', 'bumpymail.com', 'casualdx.com', 'chogmail.com', 'cool.fr.nf', 'correo.blogos.net', 'cosmorph.com', 'courriel.fr.nf', 'courrieltemporaire.com', 'curryworld.de', 'cust.in', 'dacoolest.com', 'dandikmail.com', 'deadaddress.com', 'despam.it', 'devnullmail.com', 'dfgh.net', 'digitalsanctuary.com', 'discardmail.com', 'discardmail.de', 'disposableaddress.com', 'disposemail.com', 'dispostable.com', 'dm.w3internet.co.uk example.com', 'dodgeit.com', 'dodgit.com', 'dodgit.org', 'dontreg.com', 'dontsendmespam.de', 'dump-email.info', 'dumpyemail.com', 'e4ward.com', 'email60.com', 'emailias.com', 'emailinfive.com', 'emailmiser.com', 'emailtemporario.com.br', 'emailwarden.com', 'ephemail.net', 'explodemail.com', 'fakeinbox.com', 'fakeinformation.com', 'fastacura.com', 'filzmail.com', 'fizmail.com', 'frapmail.com', 'garliclife.com', 'get1mail.com', 'getonemail.com', 'getonemail.net', 'girlsundertheinfluence.com', 'gishpuppy.com', 'great-host.in', 'gsrv.co.uk', 'guerillamail.biz', 'guerillamail.com', 'guerillamail.net', 'guerillamail.org', 'guerrillamail.com', 'guerrillamailblock.com', 'haltospam.com', 'hotpop.com', 'ieatspam.eu', 'ieatspam.info', 'ihateyoualot.info', 'imails.info', 'inboxclean.com', 'inboxclean.org', 'incognitomail.com', 'incognitomail.net', 'ipoo.org', 'irish2me.com', 'jetable.com', 'jetable.fr.nf', 'jetable.net', 'jetable.org', 'junk1e.com', 'kaspop.com', 'kulturbetrieb.info', 'kurzepost.de', 'lifebyfood.com', 'link2mail.net', 'litedrop.com', 'lookugly.com', 'lopl.co.cc', 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    foreach($mail_domains_ko as $ko_mail) {
            list(,$mail_domain) = explode('@',$mail);
            if(strcasecmp($mail_domain, $ko_mail) == 0){
                    return true;
    return false;

This domain list is deprecated because it is now very old. You may try to build a new one.

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so it would be nice to explain how you are testing now against this list after the form has been submitted –  awenkhh Nov 11 '12 at 11:40
You need to check whether an input email matches a domain in the list. Refer to: How to Block Disposable Email Addresses: PHP Code –  Mohammad Nov 11 '12 at 12:06
Okay I updated with the whole function –  Gfra54 Nov 11 '12 at 14:33
I also translated the tab name, has you may not all read french :) –  Gfra54 Oct 7 '13 at 6:03
Disposable email providers are constantly adding new domain names to their roster to stay ahead of blacklisting. When DEA providers buy more domains, how do those domains get added to your list? -1, lol. –  Dan Ross Oct 30 '13 at 4:41

There's this disposable email address detector web service http://www.nameapi.org/en/live-demos/disposable-email-address-detector/ (disclaimer: I work for them). It offers 10'000 free requests monthly. With the PHP client library https://github.com/optimaize/nameapi-client-php your userland code looks something like this:

$deaDetector = $serviceFactory->emailServices()->disposableEmailAddressDetector();
$result = $deaDetector->isDisposable("abcdefgh@10minutemail.com");
echo $result->getDisposable()->toString()); //will print 'YES'
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do you know how to do it from NodeJS? I also created a post in nameapi google groups. –  Tamil Vendhan Kanagaraju Jul 10 '14 at 7:25

Thought I would add to this answer as none was specified and it took me a while to find a solution.

What I am using is the blacklist method where you specify a list to block. It works well as users just give up after trying the biggest disposable email providers.

The code can be found here: How to Block Disposable Email Addresses: PHP Code

It works by letting you create an array of domains you which to block. You then provide an email address as a variable and this gets split to get the domain. This is compared to the list and as you can see on the website you can do whatever you like if a disposable email is detected.

Good luck!

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You can make two checks: spamhaus sbl query and your own list of blacklisted domains. Something like this:

private static function __emailDomainCheck($email)
    $domain = preg_replace('/^.*@(.*)/', '$1', $email);

    $blacklisted = Database::q('SELECT * FROM ' . Database::T('email_domain_blacklist') . ' WHERE domain = ?', array($domain));
    if($blacklisted->rowCount() > 0)
        return "This email domain is blacklisted!";

    $host = gethostbyname($domain);

    $rbl  = 'sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org';
    $rev = array_reverse(explode('.', $host));

    $lookup = implode('.', $rev) . '.' . $rbl;

    if ($lookup != gethostbyname($lookup))
        return "Mail host is listed in $rbl!";
    return '';
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