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In one of my controllers, I do have a return that looks like this:

return RedirectToAction("AdministerFiles/ViewDataFiles?catid=14");

but when it renders the result to the browser the string becomes this one:


how can I solve this ? thanks .

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You just need the action as the parameter (along with the route data):

return RedirectToAction("ViewDataFiles", new { catid = 14 });

If you want to specify the controller as well (it defaults to the current controller), then you can do it like this:

return RedirectToAction("ViewDataFiles", "AdministerFiles", new { catid = 14 });
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+1. And if you even want to redirect over areas, you can do return RedirectToAction("actionName", "controllerName", new {area = "areaName"}) :) – Patryk Ćwiek Jun 11 '12 at 8:46
And there is a difference between administer and administrator :P (for the op, i realise this answer is based off what the op called them and as such isnt wrong) – RhysW Jun 11 '12 at 12:28

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