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I have a dropdown list in JSP page. When a user selects a option I need to update the value into database using onSubmit(). I need some help in executing update query using onSubmit.


ResultSet rs=st.executeQuery(query); %>

<table border="1"> 
         <th style=font-weight:bold>  REQ_ID &nbsp;  &nbsp; </th> 
         <th style=font-weight:bold>  APPROVAL &nbsp; &nbsp; </TH>

     <% while(rs.next()) { %>
         <td> <%out.println(rs.getInt(1));%> </td>
         <td> <%out.println(rs.getString(13));%> </td>
             <select name="id" onchange="update('this.options[this.selectedIndex].value')" >
                 <option value="approve">approve</option>
                 <option value="reject">reject</option>
      <% }%></tr>

My update query:

update table money_issure_request set STATUS_ID=value, QUEUE_ID='q2'; 

Thanks in advance

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You probably want to submit the form on onchage event. Assuming jQuery, here is the code example which does that.

$(document).ready(function() {
    $("#target").change(function() {

<form id="yourForm" action="UpdateServlet" method="post">
  <select id="target">
      <option value="option1">Option 1</option>
      <option value="option2">Option 2</option>

And in your update servlet you write the logic which updates database record depending on selected option.

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