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I created arrays some months back for dealing with the editing of user profile details. When displaying back users registered countries I tap into the array and get the result I want using the stored integers from the db.

In my User model I have full list of countries stored in an array:

# encoding: UTF-8
class User < ActiveRecord::Base   

          ['Any', nil],
          ['United Kingdom', 826],
          ['United States', 840],
          ['-----------', ' '],
          ['Afghanistan', 4],
          ['Ãland Islands', 248],
          ['Albania', 8],
          ['Algeria', 12],
          ['American Samoa', 16],
          ['Andorra', 20],
          ['Angola', 24],
          ['Anguilla', 660],
          ['Antarctica', 10],
          ['Antigua and Barbuda', 28],
          ['Argentina', 32],
          ['Armenia', 51],
          ['Aruba', 533],

Put this in my view:

= User::COUNTRY_AND_ISO_CODE[@profile.country].first

Shows this result in my view e.g.:

 United Kingdom

The issue I'm having is with the large country array. For some profiles it seems to work but most I get this error:

 undefined method `first' for nil:NilClass

I know for a fact @profile.country for every profile isn't nil so not sure where this error is coming from. If I remove the call to the array and just have @profile.country in my view it shows the stored integer as expected.

I'm not experiencing this issue with my other arrays.. e.g. martial_status, gender, sexuality. So I'm wondering whether this could be something to do with the size of the array and memory or something? I don't know that's why I'm asking.

I'm close to taking another route which was suggested in another question I asked by creating another table with the country names stored and use the integer stored in the profiles table to get the correct country from the countries table. I wanted to avoid this though because that's 2 calls to the db when I originally had 1.

Any idea what could be wrong with my current code? I can't figure out why it's working on some profiles and not others. I don't need to check for a stored country integer because I created a rake task that updated every user with a country.

Other question: How do I display select field values rather than their associated stored integers in ruby on rails?

Hope you can help

Also if you mark me down please give a reason. I'm here to learn from my mistakes and maybe my mistakes can help others who come across my question with similar issues.

Kind regards

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I was searching for the position in the whole array . It makes sense why this works. I just done a quick search on rassoc and try. Works fine thanks. – LondonGuy Jun 11 '12 at 9:19

You need a hash to make this User::COUNTRY_AND_ISO_CODE[@profile.country].first code work. Just replace your array with hash, for instance:

 'Any' => nil,
 'United Kingdom' => 826,
 'United States' => 840,
 # ..etc.

..and don't forget to write a test for this code ;)

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jdoe's solution was much quicker for me. Thanks – LondonGuy Jun 11 '12 at 9:21

ary[index] returns an element by index, so

COUNTRY_AND_ISO_CODE[0] # => ['Any', nil]
COUNTRY_AND_ISO_CODE[1] # => ['United Kingdom', 826]
COUNTRY_AND_ISO_CODE[2] # => ['United States', 840]

If @profile.country is 826 then COUNTRY_AND_ISO_CODE[@profile.country] returns the 826th element from your array or nil if there's no such element.

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Yep, figured that out shortly after posting the Q. I manually typed in numbers in place of @profile.country and clocked on to the pattern of returned results after the 3rd try. Thanks – LondonGuy Jun 11 '12 at 9:39

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