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I was reading about message exchange patterns (MEP) in web services.
I came across a pattern called Solicit Response.

I googled it but did not find much information about it and its usage.
Can anyone give me the details about this and its usage scenarios.

Thanks in advance.

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A solicit/response operation is an operation in which the service endpoint sends a message and expects to receive an answering message in response.

enter image description here

  • This is the opposite of the request/response operation since the service endpoint is initiating the operation (soliciting the client), rather than responding to a request.
  • Solicit/response is similar to notification messaging, except that the client is expected to respond to the Web service.
  • With this type of messaging the element first declares an tag and then a message definition – exactly the reverse of a request/response operation.

An example of this operation might be a service that sends out order status to a client and receives back a receipt.

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