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Instead of repetitive data pasting into my controllers, I am looking to create a helper called "navigation" this will be used for every controller and load in the navigation sub views.

Currently in EVERY controller I am adding the following code..

                    // Get Subcategories
                $subcat1 = $this->Categories_model->get_artstyles();
                $subcat2 = $this->Categories_model->get_artsubjects();
                $subcat3 = $this->Categories_model->get_media();
                $subcat4 = $this->Categories_model->get_photography();

                $this->view_data['sub_cat1'] = $subcat1->result();
                $this->view_data['sub_cat2'] = $subcat2->result();
                $this->view_data['sub_cat3'] = $subcat3->result();
                $this->view_data['sub_cat4'] = $subcat4->result();

So what I would like to do is trim this down and load that data as a helper. So ultimatley all I do in each controller is load the helper.

If you feel this is the wrong way to do it, please advise as I'm still a little unsure on CI and its ways.

Those 4 subcat variables are all wanting to be global variables.

Thanks in advance.

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If this data is relevant to all your controllers, you should extend the CI_Controller like this:

class MY_Controller extends CI_Controller {
     protected $view_data;

     public function __construct() {
                 $this->view_data = load_navigation();

Place this file inside the core directory and extend all your controllers like this:

class CONTROLLER_NAME extends MY_Controller 

Read more here.

In the helper function:

function load_navigation() {
         $CI =& get_instance();
         $result['sub_cat1'] = $CI->Categories_model->get_artstyles()->result();
         $result['sub_cat2'] = $CI->Categories_model->get_artsubjects()->result();
         $result['sub_cat3'] = $CI->Categories_model->get_media()->result();
         $result['sub_cat4'] = $CI->Categories_model->get_photography()->result(); 
         return $result;



In order to load the variable into the view:

$data['view_data'] = $this->view_data;
$this->load->view('MY_VIEW', $data);

In the view you can access it like this: $view_data.

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Is the helper function the alternative to extending the Controller? The reason I ask is the version of CI is 1.7.9 which doesnt have a core folder – StuBlackett Jun 11 '12 at 10:07
You can extend controllers in 1.7. Its just a different directory. Read here:… – Yan Berk Jun 11 '12 at 10:14
Thanks for that. Now just getting undefined variable in my views. I have created MY_Controller under libraries/MY_Controller and helper "nav_helper" under helpers/nav_helper – StuBlackett Jun 11 '12 at 10:21
I have edited my answer. – Yan Berk Jun 11 '12 at 10:26
Move the contents of __construct to the MY_Controller() function and remove parent::__construct(); which is relevant to CI 2.0 and higher. – Yan Berk Jun 11 '12 at 10:54

You could use a html templating system, and have it in the default html template as standard.

I use the template library from Williams Concepts

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