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I have this container:

  <Div id="ListContainer">

I append these data to it :

 ' <a class="lesson" subjectID="'+sbj_ID+'"><b>
  <span class="lesson_subject">' + sbj_Name + '</span></b></a> ';

I want to put the value of sbj_ID & sbj_Name in a variable.

    localStorage['SubjectID']= "value of sbj_ID";
    localStorage['SubjectName']="value of sbj_Name";

But I can't access them.

I tried :

     $('#ListContainer .lesson').children[0].getAttribute('SubjectID')
     $('#ListContainer .lesson').children[2].innerHTML;

But they didn't work.

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I would help if you post the generated HTML code. –  iappwebdev Jun 11 '12 at 9:53

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I don't know how you are appending the string, but the following is a working example:

var sbj_ID = 3;
var sbj_Name = "test";

var str = '<a class="lesson" subjectID="'+sbj_ID+'"><b><span class="lesson_subject">' + sbj_Name + '</span></b></a>';



-- See Demo --

I'm also not sure how LocalStorage is being used, but you should set the variables as the value, not the strings you have used:

localStorage['SubjectID']= sbj_ID;
localStorage['SubjectName']= sbj_Name;
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Try this

localStorage['SubjectID']= $('.lesson').attr('subjectID');



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This should work

localStorage['SubjectID'] = $('.lesson').attr('subjectID');
localStorage['SubjectName'] = $('.lesson_subject').text();
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