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I have code that appends as follows:

if (json.expData[i] != null) {
    $('#text' + i)
    .append("<br><br><img src='/balloon.png'>" + json.expData[i]);

When a user clicks on a button this code runs and appends. However if the user clicks on the button again it appends once more and so on.

Is there some way that I could detect that the data has already been appended and only make it add if it's the first time?

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You could store a boolean attribute on the element, such as data-isappended.

if (json.expData[i] != null) {
    var $text = $('#text' + i);
    if (!($"isappended"))){
       $text.append("<br><br><img src='/balloon.png'>" + json.expData[i]);
       $"isappended", true);
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This give me an error: $"isappended") = true; SCRIPT5003: Cannot assign to a function result – Alan Jun 11 '12 at 10:27
@Gemma I've edited that line of code in my answer. – Curt Jun 11 '12 at 10:28

Check if there is an img tag inside #text, that should do it

if ($('#text' + i).find('img').length > 0) 
    $('#text' + i).append("<br><br><img src='/balloon.png' />" + json.expData[i]);

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What if the element already has an img tag before append? – Curt Jun 11 '12 at 10:16

If you don't have any other element with id contains #text then you can try like this:

if( $('[id^=text]').length ) { // if some element with id text exists 

} else { // not exists

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