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I'm creating a media element inside a wp7 application programmatically and then I'm adding it to a visible grid as a child. The problem is that I receive this error message (inside the MediaFailed event handler) "3123 An error has occurred.".

This is the url used:

Any ideas about the source of the problem (I have the ID_CAP_MEDIALIB capability set as well as the ID_CAP_NETWORKING)?

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does the content play on the device at all? (i.e. via the MediaPlayer launcher or in a MediaElement created at design time in XAML?) – Matt Lacey Jun 11 '12 at 12:03
it doesn't work on the device and I can't edit the xaml of the page because everything is programmatically generated (I'm implementing a widget for a mobile sdk - MoSync sdk); I was just asking to see if someone knows what could be the source of the error (because the error message doesn't tell me anything) - the link works just fine in a native application using a media element – Spiri Jun 12 '12 at 11:34
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A couple of module were initialized behind the scenes when a windows phone application was created using mosync: one of them is the CameraModule that uses a VideoBrush and its source was set using a PhotoCamera. Because the VideoBrush is based on a MediaElement and inside a wp7 application only one MediaElement can be used, the second one (mine) was not working. A workaround in the initialization of the CameraModule solved my problem.

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I had the same issue on my WP8, Windows Phone 8, project - it was caused by me removing the ID_CAP_MEDIALIB_PLAYBACK capability from the WMAppManifest.xml file...

Just though I would append it to this case, since this was the first question I found with this error code...

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