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The problem I'm having is querystrings persisting through a redirect. I.e., whenever I try and redirect a URL of type

RewriteRule ^oldsite/product/productname.aspx http://subdomain.newsite.com/product [L,R=301]

this works perfectly - no issues.

However, when I try this with anything with a querystring, such as:

RewriteRule ^oldsite/product/productname.aspx?=QUERYSTRING http://subdomain.newsite.com/product [L,R=301]

the redirect works, but I end up with the following result when I check it with a header checker:


i.e. - it passes the querystring from the old URL, and I do not want it to.

I checked a bunch of resources but can't seem to find a simple solution to this. Is there a flag I am missing within the square parameters brackets? (Sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology, new to mod_rewrite.)

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If you append a ? to your target URL, the query string will be removed from the redirection:

RewriteRule ^oldsite/product/productname.aspx http://subdomain.newsite.com/product? [L,R=301]
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Perfect, thank you - exactly what I needed. :-) –  Bob C Jun 11 '12 at 11:34
@BobC - Here in StackOverflow we thanks to users by accepting the answer that best fits, so if nikoshr's answer is exactly what you needed, please accept this answer - to do that click on "check mark" on left below number with arrows - it turns to green... –  Ωmega Jul 18 '12 at 15:57

Yes, query string is automatically copied over to new URL even on redirect as long as you have not done any modifications to it (e.g. new URL has no query string).

For example: /register -> /login.php?action=register -- the result always will be /login.php?action=register even if original URL would be /register?say=bla-bla; but for /register -> /login.php the query string will always be copied over, so /register?say=bla-bla will become /login.php?say=bla-bla.

So, what needs to be done? You need to provide some query string -- in your case the query string should be empty.

How to do that? Just add ? at the end of new URL:

RewriteRule ^oldsite/product/productname.aspx http://subdomain.newsite.com/product? [L,R=301]
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