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I am creating nodes pro-grammatically for a portal by fetching emails. But I have got a situation here.

I have some Organic group and every OG has got it's own content type. At start I thought to use different mailbox for each OG.

Now the thing is..how to assign nodes which get create pro-grammatically to particular OG ?

Note :- I am able to create different kind of nodes based on subject of the mail.

Please help..

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At least if some body can help me finding the DB table where values goes for any node creation if it's inside any OG that - the node belongs to this particular OG...then I will try my luck :) –  RajeevK Jun 11 '12 at 10:50

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When you are creating the node object set its og_groups property to an array of all the nids of the groups you want it in. For example if you have a group with nid 4, and you want your node to be in that group do this before calling node_save on it.

$node->og_groups = array(4);

After saving that node it should be in the og with nid 4.

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