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//In view i have created one list with item tpl. below is the code
 title:'User Review',
 itemTpl:'<div >{Comment}</div>' + '<div >{Rating}</div>' + '<div >{ReviewId}</div>'

//Below i am creating model for that with hard coded values in data section.


            {name:'Rating', type:'int'},

    data: [
        { Comment: 'nice', Rating: 5, ReviewId: 1 },
        { Comment: 'cool', Rating: 4, ReviewId: 2 },
        { Comment: 'awesome', Rating: 3, ReviewId: 3 }


//I am able to display data in list view but i need to use local storage data to display in list. Bellow is the code where i get local storage data which my colleague storing when app starts so now i have to retrieve data from local storage and need to bind to store

var retrievedObject = localStorage.getItem('testObject');//getting local storage
var jsonObj = Ext.decode(retrievedObject);//decoding

after this decode i will get one list of values like

var list = jsonObj.userReviewList 

i need to bind this list to store how to do that . where i should write logic to bind to store

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In controller when your list is activated, shown, or initialized. Some code that can help you to understand what i mean:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Main', {
      extend: 'Ext.app.Controller',  
      config: {
        refs: {
          myList: '#userReviewList'
        control: {
          myList: {
            activate: 'onMyListActivate'
      onMyListActivate: function(me) {
        var retrievedObject = localStorage.getItem('testObject');//getting local storage
        var jsonObj = Ext.decode(retrievedObject);//decoding
        var list = jsonObj.userReviewList 
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control not going inside that method ..can u suggest me how to write a code in show method that i can access list and bind local storage data to list. –  swathi001 Jun 11 '12 at 13:29
//instead on writing code to activate method i have written in show method that works fine buddy thank u Dmytro var retrievedObject = localStorage.getItem('testObject'); var jsonObj = Ext.decode(retrievedObject); this.getUserReviewList().getStore().setData(jsonObj.UserRatings); –  swathi001 Jun 11 '12 at 13:35

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